January is “Poverty Awareness Month:” Visit the Poverty USA website and resources.

In a recent article posted on the Financial Times Pope Benedict XVI offered the following Christmas message titled “A time for Christians to engage with the world.” While the article is a economic reflection on the Christmas message it also offers a powerful reminder of the Christian’s social responsibility.

Christians fight poverty out of a recognition of the supreme dignity of every human being, created in God’s image and destined for eternal life. Christians work for more equitable sharing of the earth’s resources out of a belief that, as stewards of God’s creation, we have a duty to care for the weakest and most vulnerable. Christians oppose greed and exploitation out of a conviction that generosity and selfless love, as taught and lived by Jesus of Nazareth, are the way that leads to fullness of life. Christian belief in the transcendent destiny of every human being gives urgency to the task of promoting peace and justice for all. #5

CCHDAs it happens January is “poverty awareness month.” The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is offering a calendar resource for us to observe and address the issue of food security during the month of January. Please visit CCHD’s Poverty USA website for great resources on poverty and visit the poverty map to see how your own state is affected by poverty.  The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is a project of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. I invite us all to take part of this observance and to accept our Christian social responsibility.  Below is the Poverty USA Tour video please watch and share this with your community.

CCHD | Tour Poverty USA from Crosby Marketing Communications on Vimeo.


About jdgonzo73

I am a Catholic lay minister in the field of Christian ethics, Latino theology and Paulacrucian spirituality. I am currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Fordham, an ad-junct professor at Molloy College and St. John's University and the Project Coordinator with the Catholic Roundtable.
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