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Earned Income and Child Tax Credits: Tax programs for the common good

No doubt many of us are concerned about the national budget and deficit spending that our nation has been struggling with. Any of us who are responsible for the fiscal solvency of our own homes know how difficult it is … Continue reading

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“Reading the Bible in Spanish”

In his book Mañana Latino theologian and historian Justo Gonzalez suggest that the Hispanic community can offer a significant contribution to American religiosity by “reading the bible in Spanish.” In using this phrase he does not literally suggest that we can contribute by literally reading the sacred … Continue reading

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Hell: Fire and Brimstone… or not

Most of my theological reflection tend to consider moral and social issues but when I offer a retreat or teach a theology class one of the topics that tend to enliven the conversation is the concept of Hell and the … Continue reading

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Transforming a Parish Community affected by Natural Disasters

I am offering this presentation as a program Church leaders who wish to engage with their parishioners affected by natural disasters. The purpose is to promote a communal reflection and analysis on issues related to what they experienced as a … Continue reading

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The Catholic Pro-Life Position.

When I go out and offer talks on Catholic social issues and public policy I often have to remind my listeners that the Catholic Church is indeed a Pro-Life Church; but I always qualify this term. The Church’s pro-life position … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the 2013 World Day of Peace Message and Reaffirming our “Option for the Poor” in the New Year.

The “Option for the Poor and Vulnerable” is a principle of our Catholic social teaching. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) reminds us that this principle is firmly rooted in scripture and in our tradition. In its social … Continue reading

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January is “Poverty Awareness Month:” Visit the Poverty USA website and resources.

In a recent article posted on the Financial Times Pope Benedict XVI offered the following Christmas message titled “A time for Christians to engage with the world.” While the article is a economic reflection on the Christmas message it also … Continue reading

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