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Praxic Theodicy: A process for responding to tragedy

In my own experience of Hurricane Sandy I witnessed and experienced a moment that theologian Jon Sobrino  calls “countercultural goodness.” A moment where in the midst of tragic suffering people are driven to give of themselves in order to help the … Continue reading

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Hurricane and Natural Catastrophes, “Where is God in All this?”

Practical or (within the Hispanic context) popular theology places an emphasis on the lived experience of the faithful community. I offer my experience of Hurricane Sandy in a recent post as the setting for a theological investigation on how our … Continue reading

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Lectionary reflection for Nov. 11, 2012: Giving beyond what we owe.

Lectionary Readings: 1 Kings 17:10-16. A widow of Zarephath is willing to share her last food with Elijah and is rewarded with a continuous supply till the drought ended. Heb 9:24-28. Christ has entered into the heavenly sanctuary to appear before God … Continue reading

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An Experience of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy made landfall around 8pm on Monday October 29, 2012. It headed straight into the center of New Jersey as a level one hurricane but with other conditions including a full moon and stronger storm surges it had a … Continue reading

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