“A Time to Break Down, and a Time to Build Up.”

Using this quote from Ecclesiastes 3:3 I wanted to take the opportunity to let my blog readers know that I am altering this blog space to accommodate some of the shifts that I am experiencing at this time.

One major shift that I am going through is my new doctoral program at Fordham. Having successfully transferred from my program at Catholic Theological Union I am again able to engage in a program where I can tend to my passion for the context of Hispanic Theology and social ethics. I hope to use this blog as a place to share my own thoughts and reflections on social issues and theological developments that I will be tackling with this program. As a teacher of Christology and Church history at Molloy College I may also post some of the points that I will emphasize to my students and perhaps use this as a reading resource for them.

Another shift that I am facing is with my relatively new ministry on Long Island. Through this agency I am looking forward to developing some posts related again to Catholic social teaching and social issues in our diocese. For that reason I hope to share some of those reflections and analysis through this post.

For all those reasons I am changing the nature of this blog and the name as well. “Locus theologicus” is a latin term referring to the place where one does theology. In Hispanic theology that place is grounded in the daily experience of the person who is reflecting within the context of their own lived community. My theologizing is coming from my own experience and community backdrop (raising a family in Long Beach, NY) so I thought this term would be appropriate in that it identifies my thoughts as emanating from where I stand and not from some universal or absolutist claim.

Hope you enjoy the posts.

About jdgonzo73

I am a Catholic lay minister in the field of Christian ethics, Latino theology and Paulacrucian spirituality. I am currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Fordham, an ad-junct professor at Molloy College and St. John's University and the Project Coordinator with the Catholic Roundtable.
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One Response to “A Time to Break Down, and a Time to Build Up.”

  1. Dorothy Brandreth says:

    John,, I follow your blog and hope to be able to share from time to time. I know that you will be an asset to the world of theology and Christian ethics and politics. You do help others to question. Blessings, my friend.

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